Football Game Day Meal Ministry

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football game day meal ministry


Did you know that First Baptist Church feeds the football team before every home game? Did you know

that we also provide a sack lunch for each team member (and some of their siblings) after the game? Did

you know that many of our players do not eat a true meal between the time they leave the field until they

return to school on Monday? We know there are so many opportunities to share the love of Christ, and our

Football Ministry is committed to feeding these young men both physically and spiritually. The expense for

this ministry is not paid through our church’s budget. We depend on donations from our members to cover

the cost of the meal and the sack lunches.

Our first home game is Friday, August 30th, and we need donations designated for the Football Ministry to

cover our expenses of the food for the season. Edna Williamson does a great job of keeping expenses down to

just over $2.30 per meal, but when you multiply that times 120 or so players, the amount needed really grows.

If you feel you could make one or more donations to this ministry, please drop a check in the offering plate, mail

a check to First Baptist or come by the church and drop it off in Velma’s office.